Hong Kong. Two visits BIBLIOTHEKA, Serial One. This copy contains 125 pages including covers, 119 pages with photographs and 3 pages in plain texts. Format: 8.5"x22" (216x559mm), printed on 192 g/m archival matte paper with colour pigment inks, hand-bound and unique. Produced in January 2018. Photographs by Lee Ka-sing. (Individual page is available in open edition, inquire at: mail@leekasing.com)


004 (Early morning)

005 (Highway and the small road behind bushes)

006 (There should be a way)

007 (People walking into another universe)

008 (An old gate in the shape of a British jack and that next to it, is the metal net with a new pattern design)

009 (Statue of King George looking at the garden entrance to the yesteryear)

010 (Ink-wash exercise after a full morning meal)

011 (The harbour)

012 (While the eye turns into jade)

013 (The intellectual conversation between two glass boxes)

014 (Remembrance)

015 (Back alley lyrics)

016 (Passage)

017 (Walking from two directions)

018 (We are ruby burgundy)

019 (Tree and window)

020 (Voices in the city)

021 (Paradox of the burgundy gate)

022 (A novel begins with the 590 Express)

023 (The rebuilding of a cosmopolitan city)

024 (Magician being a city planner)

025 (Girl gazing at the large ear ring)

026 (Backward time travel)

027 (Refresh)

028 (Tunnel)

029 (Hidden garden)

030 (Growing by the side of a balustrade)

031 (Lunch break)

032 (Pathway on a rainy day)

033 (The way my father framed a fleet of smoke on the wall)

034 (The history of art behind a tall tall tree)

035 (I wrote a zig zag poem)

036 (There is always hope and a positive solution)

037 (I left my heart on the marble floor)


039 (Gateway)






All photographs by Lee Ka-sing
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